Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Overview of How I Came to Be Part 2

Well, the loss of my dad has no doubt made me a different person. No one to play catch with, no one to teach me how to talk to a girl. I am an outcast and a loner. My mom works as a teacher, and had no time for me whenever I had a question, or just wanted someone to talk to me. I am an only child, and the only person I ever talk to is my one friend Quinn. When I was 14, I met Quinn as a freshman. We both had similar interests, and we were both those weird kids who no one talked to. I turned to drugs when I was 15. They helped me realize that I don't have to give a damn about what others think about me. But eventually, I was addicted to several painkillers and cocaine. At 17, I was beginning a spiraling crash into my dad's exact life. I realized that I needed to clean up my act and kick the addictions. By 18, I was finally clean.

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