Monday, February 7, 2011

The crazy idea

So my half brother Jeff has this crazy idea that he thinks will turn huge. It's called a rologon (or on a larger scale a floton) and the perk to it is that it can drive without roads. It has these wheels patented by my great uncle Bill (who just passed away at the great age of 106!) which are basically a rubber type bag/balloon that are almost impenetrable! They can pass over snow, sand, or rock with ease. They can even pass over a person's whole body without injuring them! Anyways, I secretly hope that these will turn out big for him. He is in the process of raising 5 MILLION dollars for the project. If we had that growing up, it would be a much different world for me. I can't wait to see how this turns out...


  1. Cool idea, good luck with getting that cash together.

  2. Wow! that's a story I would like hear more about. make a sequel to this post, lol ^^

  3. as long as he puts his mind to it, 5 million dollars is easy